Planning and Energy Management


Planning and Energy Management

When we decide to buy a car, the research, besides the brand and model, analyzes and compares the ecological level, the costs and fuel consumption, how many kilometers is possible  to drive with a liter of fuel. When we decide to buy a house, we ignore the energy, natural gas, electricity and how much is responsive to the environment. Despite the legislative imposition of the energy certification, the buyer is careful to the initial cost but not to the future costs regarding the management and/or the energy cost adjustment which will take place in 2020 or to the date provided by the state. Professionals on the other hand are often taken to meet the architectural appearance of the building, visible from the start, and not the energy that becomes a consequent part of the project, with last-minute adjustments. Italy adhering to the decisions of international energy and environment, to accelerate the process of upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings, promotes economic incentives.

The energy project of a building should proceed simultaneously with the architectural, structural and systems, designing the building ‘shell’ with the type of walls, roof, floors, etc., With the expertise of those who have gained this experience. 

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