Relax with Nature and Tourism


Alcune foto del territorio

Even the story of my wife Roberta

for her mother’s family side, has its origins in the countryside. Countrysides in the municipalities of Casoli, Chieti and Sant’Eusanio in Val di Sangro. Here, long ago, my grandparents with the help of my in-laws, mainly cultivated wine grape that was given to the local winery and olive oil. For over twenty years the vineyard has been replaced with a walnut fields whose land borders the river “Gogna” that flows into the river Sangro. Land located in the area of Sant’Eusanio within a vast side which is subject to environmental protection and also in the NATURAL OASI “THE SERRANELLA”; an oasis for the protection of migratory and local birds. Just a few kilometers away, in the town of Casoli, in the district of Guarenna Nuova, the other lands are located with the house and its fields outside, with the stables and animal shelters. We are in a location that is less than half an hour from the sea, with sand and rock seasides in Fossacesia and Torino di Sangro to “MORGE”, from the HERMITAGE and D’Annunzio’s PROMONTORY overlooking the sea and the BASILICA OF SAINT JOHN IN VENUS, still in Fossacesia. Heading west, you enter the MAJELLA NATIONAL PARK and in less than half an hour we arrive in the mountains, at an altitude of around 1600 meters, in the municipality of Pizzoferrato for those who love winter sports, or the lake of Bomba for water sports lovers, or the Cavallone Caves at Lama dei Peligni for caving lovers, or the Castle of Roccascalegna for lovers of history and so many others villages which are rich in history, traditions and culinary arts, among them we denote the famous Chef school in the municipality of Villa Santa Maria.

It is an enchanting setting for those who want to get away, even if for a weekend, from everyday chaos. And it’s here that borns the idea of starting a business that welcomes those in search of relax – always constructive – with nature connection.