Advice for Auctions and Excerpts


Advice for Auctions and Excerpts



Increasingly, there is plenty of space in the papers devoted to real estate auctions. We tend more and more to give it a glance. More and more people, not from the industry, are directing their attention to the auction market. It’s a market that has a language through a series of records and documents, a market that can not always represent the actual  and real situation of the property, with respect to the real estate market of reference for those who, in life, are dealing with other sectors.

To bid, you must not only gain professional experience and read all the documentation, but it is essential to assess any updates and all scenarios, to prevent the economic surprises, higher costs and/or the immediate availability of the property.



The Extract is the advanced stage of the auction where professionalism and expertise can determine the agreement between several parties for the amicable settlement of a  suffering financial relation, through the transfer of property. Technological and economic knowledge are essential qualities to understand the feasibility of an operation.

The human value, the study’s point of cost-effectiveness of the various actors, with an outstretched hand to the weaker party, are the strengths in the Excerpts practice.