Sales Department Management, Logistics and Technical Assistance


Sales Department Management, Logistics and Technical Assistance

Sales Area 

Each of us during the day naturally exercises sales activities. Is quite different when the sale is the object of our day. Everything becomes less natural, with results often unrewarding. To grant the natural in our business we need to do exercise to improve the relationship with ourselves, with others and with the knowledge of the market. The sale is a form of socialization between people by means of a product, service, etc., that involves our business. It is a continuous get in the game while being observed by others.

There are the cream of the selling technique, which are important to know, but each of us must remain himself, continuously improving relationships with others and the market. 

Area Logistics 

Logistics is increasingly tip the scales in the company’s balance sheet. It looks like a play on words, but it is the reality which the companies have to face every day. Softwares and human resources are committed to the continuous optimization of products, their lifespan and their cost of ownership. It is an ongoing enigma between the cost of customer service and the lack of revenue for the disruption to the Customer. The market is more and more pressing and we are often not prepared to give the alternative answers in the right way and time, loosing sales and/or pushing up managerial costs.

The business processes help the logistic and sales areas to meet the market demand. 

Technical Support Area

Technical assistance is often the driving force promoting the sale, even though today the majority of products are disposable. They have reduced the average lifespan of products.  On -line and on territory Technical assistance, still remain a symbol of a structured company, which maintains a direct line, though service, with the consumer and the product.

The management of technical assistance able to combine the cost with the service makes all the difference in the reference market.

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