Management of Real Estate Properties

Gestione Patrimoni Immobiliari

Management of Real Estate Properties

Taxation, or rather the equity on property, the increase in the rates of taxation, the revaluation of cadastral appraisals – values ​​of assets – involve an analysis of the real estate situation to optimize the classification of revenue, its destination and the incidence of the economic weight, compared to the current market value of the property and to the financial resources.

Capital expenditure on property, once synonymous with economic revaluation over time, and/or automatic revenue in case of lease, have also been affected by the current economic situation with lower commercial demand, a sharp rise in arrears in the payment of fees and negligence in the management of the property.

Today more than ever, need to devote time and resources to the management of the property, which is one or one hundred, to reduce the costs of taxation, ensure optimal performance, to increase or at least maintain the market value, treat the relationship with tenants, so that they can benefit at best and at the same time preventing the arrearage.