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Alcune foto della lavorazione delle mie olive

My family history

from my grandfather Rodolfo to my father Marino, takes its origins from the life in the countryside. Countryside in the municipality of Spoltore, on a hill about 100 meters above sea level, where they cultivated grapes, a small typology of autochthon vines for the production of wine, olive trees, today secular for the production of oil, fruit trees, cereals for flour and forage herbs for the nourished cattle barn, and more .. I was born and raised in the countryside, where I have lived and I still live. Where today, even without the physical presence of my loved ones, I carry on the family tradition while trying to pass down the passion for countryside also to our children, Andrea, Marino and Marco. Today we produce oil with the old family tradition: freshly picked olives cold pressed, with the millstone and then the pulp of olives pressed and filtered to extract the oil.

It is nice to continue a family history with passion and with all the traditional methods of those who precede us, whose goal was quality, not quantity as in present times.




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