Market Research – Business Plan


Market Research – Business Plan

The idea of doing business requires a lot of enthusiasm but also a feasibility study to know your target market and its positioning: tell your idea, write it down and daydreaming staying with the feet on the ground. Tell your idea to your loved ones or with people you want to share your company project with and transfer enthusiasm to them; choosing the right people to entrust an idea in order to turn it into a Winning Project together. This project is born with the market research, first on the product, then on consumption, consumers targeting, areas of interest and is completed with the drafting of business plan. Business plan that realistically must take root in the future of the Company, providing for the various market assumptions, costs, revenues and cash flow, certifying the feasibility of the project and the Company risk.

It is a very important early stage, which could also disappoint our expectations, but helps us in  avoiding crooked and/or impractical paths.