Management and Safety at Construction Sites


Management and Safety at Construction Sites

Build, renovate homes, real estate in general and/or public infrastructure is a beautiful art, once delegated to the great Masters, wise in Craftsmanship and Life. Activities delegated to today softwares for architectural design, structural and systems and to the technology of materials for the construction. Two diametrically opposed worlds of building. Too often the choice of materials and their installation within a building, follow the rules of the industry, always ready to innovate, with less attention to the quality of installation, due to lack of experience of the workers and or the presence of the direction in the construction site. A building should be in harmony with those who should benefit, whether private or public. It should not only meet the emotional and the visual, but also the part of the comfort. An example: the mildew on the walls of the house, the architectural barriers in public works, etc ..

Safety in the workplace, especially in the construction field, it is a topic too often heard and/or read in the crime news; so much has been done in the legislative and training of employees, but little compared to the social and economic context.

Build or renovate a building, leaves little room for improvisation. The use of professionalism is for the client the way to obtain the desired result, with the optimization of the cost of implementation and the costs of management of the property, for several, many years. 



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